Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics

Presenters: Michael Ives & Megan Langan

Tentatively Scheduled for January 30, 2024

Recommended for Educators of Grades 6-12

Using the principles of Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl, this workshop will explore strategies for creating dynamic learning environments in mathematics classrooms. By changing the way educators ask questions and encourage students to solve tasks collaboratively on Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces (VNPS), environments with rich mathematical conversations in a student-centered setting can be created. In this workshop, participants will explore techniques to foster students’ abilities to articulate their own conjectures and seriously consider their peers’ perspectives as a way to construct mathematical understandings. Participants will go on a classroom visit to break down effective strategies to promote mathematical discourse in a grades 6 -12 setting.

Math Matters

Presenters: Chris Nerkizian & Jennifer Rilli

Tentatively Scheduled for January 26, 2024

Recommended for Educators of Grades Pre-K-5

For those looking for more active hands-on learning for math learners, this workshop will present a unique approach to teaching math for grades K-5. All will think outside the box, both with some tried and true methodologies, as well as some new wave technology techniques. With the use of digital tools and new-wave interventions, participants will raise the bar and differentiate in all kinds of different ways.

Math Teacher Roundtable

Presenter: Danielle Nix

Tentatively Scheduled for October 11, 2023

Recommended for Educators of Grades 6-12

This session will include discussions of best practices in the mathematics classroom and how to best navigate current struggles. Participants will create/edit lessons and assessments with a partner, and work together to learn or improve their skills in certain uses of technology. It is recommended that participants come as a team or with a  district colleague.

*Note: Participants are expected to bring curricular materials that will aid in creating/editing classroom materials.