Multidisciplinary sessions are designed to provide educators with skills and strategies that can be applied across a range of subject areas

Advanced Book Arts: The Art of Creating Handmade Books for Writing and Journaling in All Subject Areas

Presenters: Pamela Bagot & Jennifer Eisberg

Tentatively Scheduled for February 9, 2024

Recommended for Educators of Grades Pre-K-12

Prerequisite: Book Arts: The Art of Creating Handmade Books for Writing and Journaling in All Subject Areas or equivalent

This hands-on session will teach participants how to create a variety of handmade art books. The day will include more advanced painting and book engineering techniques. The hands-on areas of the workshop will focus on learning book art techniques and creating a variety of books. Participants will create a completed sample book to share with the group.

It's (Not Always) Elementary: Teaching Tough Topics with Younger Students

Presenter: Rachel Ring

Tentatively Scheduled for January 17, 2024

Recommended for Educators of Grades Pre-K-5

This workshop will examine current mandates and learning standards that address gender, identity, and sexuality as they pertain to pre-K and elementary school students and their families. Human growth and development doesn't just begin at puberty, and educators often feel uncertain about addressing these sensitive topics with young children. Consent and relationships can be taught outside the context of sexuality, and this workshop will offer a framework for thinking about these topics as life skills for all learners. The day will include discussions on how to handle concerns and challenges from families or the community at large.

Media Arts Roundtable

Presenter: Chris Nerkizian

Tentatively Scheduled for December 5, 2023

Recommended for Educators of Grades Pre-K-5

Media Arts is described as the study of human communication through film, photography, video, audio, computer/digital arts, and interactive media. Participants will learn more about the new New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Media Arts and how to infuse them into the classroom. They will also explore podcasting, video creation, and other models of Media Arts implementation and will be encouraged to share their own ideas and examples with the group.

Multilingual Learners in the General Ed Classroom

Presenter: Courtney Carmichael

Tentatively Scheduled for September 29, 2023

Recommended for Educators of Grades Pre-K-12

Participants will learn the overview of the multilingual learner experience in public schools. Formerly English as a Second Language, the workshop will provide best practices for working with students who know a language other than English in the mainstream class. Administrators are also welcome to attend to learn about relevant statutes, laws and requirements in the district for MLs.