Middle School Science Teachers' Roundtable

Presenter: Kelly Stevens

Tentatively Scheduled for February 16, 2024

Recommended for Educators of Grades 5-8

Middle school science teachers will join colleagues for a day of tips and tricks, sharing lesson ideas, and resources. The day’s agenda will be created by participants’ interests collected prior to the session. This will be an exciting day with colleagues discussing all things science!

Science and Engineering Practices: Toolkit Additions

Presenters: Jennifer Hochenberg & Kelly Stevens

Tentatively Scheduled for December 1, 2023

Recommended for Educators of Grades 6-12

Participants will learn how to guide students to behaviors that assist in investigating and building models and theories about the natural world and designing and building models and systems. This workshop will focus on the Science and Engineering Practices, which include: asking questions, developing models, planning investigations, analyzing data, constructing explanations, argumentation, and more. Participants will learn strategies to redesign their lessons so as to better support inquiry and the practices of science and engineering. 

Scope, Sequence and Science

Presenters: Catie Ricca & Silvia Jost

Tentatively Scheduled for October 19, 2023

Recommended for Educators of Grades K-4

Participants will take a deep dive into Next Generation Science Standards with two facilitators who have taught across all lower elementary grade levels. Unit plans will be organized by creating a summary of objectives, activities and assessments in a creative, fun, and engaging way for all student learners. This workshop will help educators use their limited science classroom time effectively to build units that will be exciting to students.