Social Studies 

Integrating Sports History into Your Social Studies Classroom - Part I

Presenter: Damon Affinito

Tentatively Scheduled for November 30, 2023

Recommended for Educators of Grades 5-12

From the ancient Olympic games to the modern Civil Rights movement, from the World Series to the World Cup, from Native Americans to celebrity athletes, from urbanization to apartheid, and from geography to economics, sports history connects to every social studies discipline at every grade level. This workshop, focusing on race in American sports and the evolution of women's sports, will explore those connections and will provide participants with lessons and activities for use in their classes. Through the use of primary source materials, including photographs, videos, lecture, and discussion, the workshop will enhance understanding of the relationship between sport and social studies, and will inspire participants to incorporate the workshop material into their lessons. Participants will leave the workshop with ready-to-use activities and ideas for greater extension.

Teaching History Through "Who Was?" Series Athletes

Presenter: Damon Affinito

Tentatively Scheduled for March 20, 2024

Recommended for Educators of Grades 1-8

Participants will learn more about American sports figures and explore ways to integrate them into the social studies curriculum.

This workshop will provide a detailed look at many of the sports heroes featured in the "Who Was?" book series. Participants will use various means, including primary source documents, to gain a better understanding of the athletes' cultural importance and ways to integrate them into elementary and middle school lessons.